Fig Preserves Canning Tips

Figs are delicious and nutritious!   Here are some tips for canning figs so you can eat the best figs year round.                                                                   

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Fig Preserves - Canning Tips

Tree-ripened figs are best for canning. Pick the figs that are soft and the end is just starting to open up. Make sure they aren't overripe. When figs are ripening, they should be picked every day.

Sort the figs and wash them. Remove the stems.

It's best to can figs immediately, but they can be stored in the refrigerator overnight if needed.

Bring to a boil in hot water. Let figs stand in hot water for about 4 minutes. Drain and pack while hot into hot canning jars. Add 1 tbsp. of lemon juice to each 1 quart jar and cover with boiling liquid. Seal. Processing time for fig preserves is 1 1/2 hour for each pint or quart jar.