Dill Pickle Recipes

Great recipes for making dill pickles. You can make dill pickles with or without garlic.                     

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Zesty Dill Pickle Recipe

Fresh cucumbers
2 qts. water
1/2 cup pickling salt
1 qt. vinegar
1 sprig fresh dill
1 garlic clove
1/8 tsp. alum
1/8 tsp. cream of tartar


Mix together water, vinegar and salt. Bring to a boil, then cool. Meanwhile, wash cucumbers, being careful not to break off bud end. Place cucumbers in sealer with dill. Add garlic, alum and cream of tartar. Fill jar to top with brine, making sure cucumbers are completely covered. Seal.

Kosher Dill Pickle Recipe

1 lb. small fresh cucumbers
5 qts. water
1 cup vinegar
3 sprigs dill
1/8 tsp alum
1 garlic clove
1 tsp. mixed pickling spice
1 cup coarse salt


Cucumber and spice amounts are per quart. Wash cucumbers. Soak overnight with alum in water. In each jar add a piece of dill, 1 garlic clove, 1 tsp. mixed pickling spices. Add cucumbers, more dill, then more cucumbers. Combine 5 qts. water, 1 cup coarse salt and 1 cup vinegar to make brine. Bring brine to a boil, pour over cucumbers and seal jars. Turn jars up and down several times. Store in a cool place for several days. Ready to eat in about 10 days.